When To Use a Chaise Lounge


If you’re thinking about when to use a chaise lounge as a part of your home furniture then you’ve chosen a great piece of furniture adorn many rooms around the home.  It’s important to know exactly what a chaise lounge is before you can decide if you should use one.

A chaise lounge is pretty simple to explain and wrap your brain around.  A chaise lounge is basically a sitting chair that has had the sitting area elongate in order to accommodate and support a person’s legs.  This is much more comfortable for the sitter because the chaise lounge allows for them to “half-lay” with their legs stretched.  However, the presence of the elongated area doesn’t allow for the sitter to sit in a traditional style, either.

The chaise lounge is the ultimate “lounge” furniture in the house.  Some would argue that it is more refined than a recliner and that the chaise lounge adds a bit more class.  Chaise lounges are highly upholstered and padded and while a person can very easily relax in a recliner, the chaise gives them a different feel.  Simply put, its more common for someone to want lay or “curl up” on a chaise lounge in front of a window while they read a book or drink their morning coffee then to add a recliner to the same area. It’s a different feel and different experience.

However, there are times that a chaise lounge would not be as appropriate as a recliner, a sofa or a regular upholstered chair.  For instance, in a typical den when you are entertaining company then a person lounging on the chaise may not be appropriate.  It doesn’t allow the type of “formal relaxation” that upright sitters would avail to the guests. In other words, your neighbor down the street during a PTA meeting wouldn’t feel comfortable kicking their feet up around the rest of the group…in most cases.