7 Ideas for Adding Water Elements to Your Tropical Garden Paradise

tropical_garden_pondsYou’re not all going to want a large swimming pool or large pond in your tropical paradise.  I understand that. Most people though really learn to appreciate some kind of water element in their tropical paradise, though.  It just goes together.   The sound of trickling water, fish and birds interacting with your tropical garden, and the calming affect that water features can have on you are well worth the time, effort and money.

7 Water Features for Your Tropical Garden

  1. Man-Made River – Rivers and tropical landscapes just go together, don’t they.  The gentle rippling and babbling of river water adds an element to your tropical garden that will make it really authentic. The sight and sound of the babbling brook is so relaxing after a long day at work. 
  2. Koi Pond – Nothing says tropical garden like a good old, fashioned Japanese garden feature like a Koi Pond.  This features has been added to gardens for centuries and the effect still holds consistent, “good feelings”.  Feed the koi, watch them grow and flourish. 
  3. Waterfall – The waterfall is another tropical land feature that will add authenticity to your tropical garden.  Here in Hawaii we some of the most beautiful, natural waterfalls in the world, like Waimea Falls.  The water fall sounds will be relaxing for you and guests and can drown out traffic and street noise adding to the serenity. 
  4. Bubbling Water Pots – Gurgling and bubbling water allows for pleasant sounds, automatic watering and the constant motion keeps the water from “standing” and creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes and flies. 
  1. Fountains – There are many fountain features that you can buy or create for your outdoor tropical paradise.  You can go crazy, here.  From small and quaint to large and in charge.  Add the element that is perfect for your Hawaiian tropical garden. 
  2. Tiered or Stairway Fountain – If your yard or property is sloped then you have the perfect, natural beginnings of a tiered or stairway fountain. These can usually be built or bought as a whole unit or you can gradually build them up yourself with kits and/or ceramics and stone.  Try wood for a beautiful natural look. 
  3. Niche Pond – If your tropical garden is of the smaller variety then you can try to add a small “niche” or “nook” pond.  These fit nicely into tight corner and spaces while still adding a level of natural beauty that you’re looking for. 


Water features in your tropical garden can add that missing tropical element to top off the paradise that you have started to create for yourself.  Cascading falls, bubbling fountains and gurgling rivers will have hypnotized and relaxed on your own property.

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